Interior & Exterior

Interior designing is just not a process of creating a layout for a place to make it look better, but it’s a process that creates an expression that responds to the multiplied demands of the person who lives in it, like efficiency comfort, easiness, aesthetics and entertainment.

Interior Design & Consultancy

Interior of a house, an office or a work place, a gym or a club/pub, a lounge or bar, a hotel or hospital and many more triggers a sense of personal identity. The use of carefully woven knitted threads creates an engagement with the introduction of sensory experiences.

Interiors trigger a sense of personal identity, aggregation or emotional engagement with the introduction of sensory experiences or through the use of carefully woven narrative threads. As consultants of interior designing we try to suggest the best options that suits to the personal identity of the area (may it be anything).

As Interior Designers, we basically work on the layout of an environment approved by the client, which includes structural aspects, furnishing and decoration and this act of Oxedea Interiors acts as a brand communication for us.

We believe in designing and providing original solutions to the choices of the clients, thus we experiment with the best ideas that pops-up in our brain. These ideas allow us to come out with the finest solutions of the designs following the demonstration of the client and ambience of the place to be designed.